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Students interested in studying topics associated with children, adolescents, and the media have two options that they can pursue through the University of Amsterdam: 

  1. Master of Science in Communication
  2. PhD in Communication

Master of Science (MSc) in Communication

The Graduate School of Communication at the University of Amsterdam offers an MSc in Communication Science with a focus on Entertainment Communication.  This one-year program (60 ECTS) is an international program (English instruction) which attracts students from around the world.  This program of study focuses on the experience, role, and impact of media on young people.  Students learn about how and why our preferences for media change over time, the key debates in the field (both in the academia and industry), and best practices in designing media content for different ages.   

Importantly, the program balances theoretical study with practical applications to help ensure that students are prepared for the job market after their study.  This means not only studying the empirical literature about young people and media but also applying this knowledge to real-world consultancy projects via the Company Meets Student project (e.g., consulting for KRO Kindertijd, Squla, Ben & Jerry's), attending guest lectures by experts in the field, obtaining hands-on experience with the newest media tools available (e.g., eye-tracking, facial recognition software), and developing prototypes of media products (e.g., TV shows; apps; websites). 

SagoSago Presentation border

Jason Krogh (CEO, Sago Sago) discusses app development

prototype collage

Digital media students present their final design prototypes

Many of the researchers at CcaM are also teachers in the Master’s program as well as supervisors for the Master’s thesis.  This means that students are able to learn from individuals who are actively engaged in research with young people and entertainment media, and are able to collaborate with experts in the field when it comes to designing and executing their thesis research. Recent thesis projects have investigated topics such as "Is Facebook making us narcissistic?", "(Th)inspiration: Media influence on body image", and"Does WhatsApp influence relationship quality between emerging adults and their parents?". 

The MSc in Entertainment Communication at the Graduate School of Communication is an excellent option for students interested in obtaining a more thorough understanding of today’s young people and the role that media play in their lives. With so many companies interested in identifying how to reach this elusive audience, it is not surprising that our students have successfully obtained employment within a range of commercial, nonprofit, and governmental agencies.

Interested to learn more?  Visit the program’s website where you can learn more details about the study program, career prospects (including alumni interviews), and how to apply. 

PhD in Communication

The Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR houses a PhD program in Communication Science. PhD research proposals are generally written by one or more senior ASCoR faculty. PhD projects consist of three or more research studies, leading to several peer-reviewed academic publications.

Many of our PhD students enjoying a summer evening

At present, there are seven PhD Candidates at ASCoR who are conducting their research on different aspects of young people and media. Topics currently include: educational apps, media violence, sexualized media content, social media and self-disclosure, media and ADHD, media multitasking, and online self-representation.  You can learn more about our currrent students and their research questions by visiting their bio pages found here

To learn more about the PhD program, including details on the training program and how to apply for open positions, visit the program’s website.   

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