Sanne Opree

131007230 sanne opree squareSuzanna J. (Sanne) Opree is an assistant professor in the Young Talent Program of the department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses broadly on the unintended effects of the commercialized media environment on youth’s psychosocial well-being. In March 2014 she obtained her doctorate with her dissertation “Consumed by Consumer Culture?”. The research for this dissertation  was conducted as part of the VIDI-project of Prof. dr. Moniek Buijzen "The commercialized media environment: Content, processes, and consequences for children and adolescents” (NWO funded; 2008-2014). Suzanna specializes in the development of survey instruments for children, and longitudinal data analysis. She works closely together with colleagues within and outside the Netherlands. Her work has been presented at numerous conferences and published in communication and psychology journals, and has been awarded at the international conference on Child and Teen Consumption, as well as the international conference of the International Communication Association."

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