CcaM Members Present New Research in Washington, DC

CcaM Members Present New Research in Washington, DC

As with past years, numerous CcaM faculty, postdocs, and PhD students are presenting new research at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA). Running from May 25th through May 28th in Washington, DC, USA, this annual competitive conference highlights some of the best communication research from around the world.  

This year, CcaM researchers will deliver 10 presentations on a wide array of topics. The titles and corresponding authors for each presentation are listed below.  If you would like more information about any of these presentations, or would like to obtain a copy of the associated paper, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Congratulations to all our CcaM members on their excellent research!

Parental Monitoring of Media in Adolescence: A Parent-Child Study - Ine Beyens; Patti Valkenburg

Not Simply a Laughing Matter: Teens Preferences for Different Humor Types on Television- Amber van der Wal; Karin M. Fikkers; Patti Valkenburg

The Effects of Social Information on the Enjoyment of Online Videos: An Eye Tracking Study on the Role of Attention- Anne M. Möller; Susanne Baumgartner; Rinaldo Kühne; Jochen Peter

Comparing Self-Reports of Binge Watching with Netflix Log-Data- Susanne Baumgartner; Rinaldo Kühne; Sebastián Cole Poma-Murialdo; Meng Yang

How Does She Do It? an Experimental Study of the Pro- and Antisocial Effects of Watching Superhero Content Among Late Adolescents- Drew P. Cingel; Sindy R. Sumter; Megan Jansen

Can Television Help to Decrease Stigmatization Among Young Children? the Role of Theory of Mind and General and Explicit Inserts- Drew P. Cingel; Sindy R. Sumter; Elsemiek Stoeten; Supreet Mann

Sexuality Education in the Digital Era: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Predictors of Online Sexual Information Seeking Among Youth- Sanne Nikkelen; Johanna M. van Oosten; Marieke van den Borne

Challenging Sexual Stereotypes Using Social Media: Adolescent Girls' Engagement with Counter-Messages- Johanna M. van Oosten

Feelings for Polygons in Virtual Reality: The Effect of Virtual Reality Video Games on Empathy for in-Game Characters- Jeroen Lemmens; Jacco Peek

Don’t Stress Me Now: The Impact of Face-to Face and Online Feedback Prosociality on Stress During an Important Life Event- Carmina Rodriguez Hidalgo; Ed Tan; Peeter Verlegh; Ine Beyens; Rinaldo Kühne

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