CcaM, Covid19, and Research to Practice

As the globe confronts the effects of the Covid19 pandemic, many are asking reasonable questions about how children are handling these unique times. In particular, there are numerous questions from parents, policy makers, and media producers about the relationship between children and media. Are they spending more time with media? Is their use problematic? Should we be worried? What should we be doing to protect and empower children?

These are not easy questions, for anyone, including CcaM scholars. However, our experience in the field combined with global data collection efforts has given us some insight. Recently, we have been sharing this insight with a range of audiences in the form of podcasts, webinars, and policy addresses. For example, our director delivered three presentations in the past week - highlighting the value of research to practice:

  1. The Shift to Distance Learning. In this podcast, on the program Reinventing School, Dr. Piotrowski contributed to a dialogue about distance learning, particularly in the time Covid-19. You can hear the entire podcast here
  2. Users First. In this keynote address, delivered to the Insafe Network, participants learned how platforms are designed, what needs should be considered when doing so, and what children and young people's specific needs are. This presentation was contextualized with the Covid19 pandemic, highlighting how social policy can help support children globally. Contact Us directly for a copy of this slide deck. 
  3. Summer of Covid19 / Kids Online. Children and Screens is conducting a series of webinars on the topic of children, media, and Covid19.  On Friday, 5 June, Dr. Piotrowski participated in one of these webinars - discussing how tweens access and use media, the effects of the pandemic on this use, recommendations for the summer, and concerns related to managing news and fear. You can view this webinar, and others, on the Children & Screens YouTube channel.


As we continue to learn more about the pandemic and its impact on the lives of children and families, we will continue to share with the community. If you are looking for information, please do reach out. We are #InThisTogether.

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