Finally together again: CCAM at ICA in Paris

Finally together again: CCAM at ICA in Paris

Each year, CcaM members present their work at the International Communication Association. Running from May 26th through May 30th in Paris, this annual competitive conference highlights some of the best communication research from around the world This year finally, our scholars can share their work in public again, because due to the pandemic, the past two years, the presentations remained virtual.  

The titles and corresponding authors for each presentation are listed below.  If you would like more information about any of these presentations, or would like to obtain a copy of the associated paper, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Play and Pay to Win: Addiction and Loot Boxes in FIFA Ultimate Team: Jeroen Lemmens
  • Virtual Assistants in the Family Home: Understanding Parents’ Motivations to Use Virtual Assistants With Their Child(dren): Rebecca Wald,  Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, Theo Araujo, Annemarie van Oosten
  • How Children Relate to a Social Robot That Acknowledges Its Lack of Human Psychological Capacities: Carolien van Straten,  Jochen Peter,  Rinaldo Kühne
  • Beyond Screen Time: The Effects of Smartphone App Use on Sleep in a 7-Day Mobile Tracking Study: Sindy Sumter, Susan Baumgartner; Wisnu Wiradhany
  • Live Vs. Recorded: The Effect of Watching Livestream Concerts on the Viewers’ Perceived Enjoyment, Social Presence and Loneliness: S. Kulla, Hande Sungur, Sindy Sumter
  • Children’s Acceptance of a Domestic Social Robot: How It Evolves Over Time: Chiara de Jong,  Jochen Peter,  Rinaldo Kühne; Alex Barco
  • Stopping Media Entertainment Viewing: Self-Control and Disengagement Processes on Netflix: Alicia Gilbert,  Leonard Reinecke,  Adrian Meier,  Susan Baumgartner,  Rinaldo Kühne
  • Self-Reported Measures of Social Media Use Show High Predictive Validity:  Tim Verbeij, Loes Pouwels,  Ine Beyens,  Patti Valkenburg
  •  To Connect or Not to Connect? Investigating Differences in Social Media-Related Distraction Among Adolescents: Teun Siebers; Ine Beyens, Loes Pouwels,  Patti Valkenburg
  • The Associations of Active and Passive Social Media Use With Well-Being and Ill-Being: A Scoping Review: Patti Valkenburg; Irene van Driel, Ine Beyens
  • Just a Joke? Adolescents’ Preferences for Humor in Media Entertainment and Real-Life Aggression: Amber van der Wal,  Loes Pouwels, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, Patti Valkenburg
  • Lessons From Two Studies Using Linkage Analysis to Assess Differential Media Content Preferences: Amber van der Wal
  • Mobile social media habits and procrastination among adolescents:Investigating between-person, within-person, and person-specific associations: Adrian Meier; Ine Beyens; Loes Pouwels; Teun Siebers; Patti Valkenburg


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