Minecraft Expert-Workshop at Microsoft Headquarters in Amsterdam


Minecraft workshop 1Two happy participants of the CcaM study "The Power of Minecraft" won a very special prize: A Minecraft expert-workshop at the Microsoft headquarters in Amsterdam.

In summer 2017, young Minecraft enthusiasts across the Netherlands were invited to participate in the project “The Power of Minecraft” – a project designed by CcaM researchers to understand the appeal of Minecraft for young players. As a thank you for participating, all participants were entered into a lottery for a chance to attend a Minecraft-Expert Workshop at the Microsoft Headquarters in Amsterdam.

This workshop took place on November 22, 2017 and was led by Tim Kolijn (12), a true expert in the field of 'blocks', 'materials', 'recipes', and all other mysteries surrounding the very popular game. The winners and their parents received a guided tour through the Microsoft office, with every unique room opening up a world of brand new and innovative technologies and secrets such as table-sized touchpads, interactive whiteboards, and virtual meeting platforms that enable employees from all over the world to take part in for example creative brainstorming sessions. The tour was followed by refreshments and snacks, and an insightful and interactive workshop-session introducing the prize winners to the secrets of Minecraft. 

Everyone involved found the event to perfectly mirror the power of Minecraft - to connect, be creative, smart and innovative, and to learn from your own and the experiences of others to create a unique and wonderful experience. 

Minecraft workshop 4

[Note: The results from this project are currently is in process of publication. To learn more about our project and results, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ]

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